Fees, Insurance and Cancellation Policy

Fees per session range from $50 -$250. We accept Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare Insurance plans. Fees for therapy will greatly vary from plan to plan depending on individual or family coverage and existing deductible amounts. Contact billing@integrativetherapy.center for a breakdown of your costs and sliding scale options.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy
In an effort to incentivize client’s commitment to the therapy process, and as a protective measure of the therapist’s time, when you sign up for therapy with me, you agree to the following terms:
-You are committing to a weekly or biweekly (every other week) time slot; The therapist will set a consistent time aside for you until you choose to discontinue therapy.

-You can discontinue therapy at any time for any reason. 

-You will give at least 24hrs notice for cancellations (including notice of discontinuation of therapy) to avoid being charged a $150 dollar cancelation fee (Insurance will not cover this as it can’t be billed as a service offered). 

-Cancellation fee will be waived if a session can be rescheduled by phone or in the office within 5 business days of missed session. 

-You will have one “Free Cancelation” every three months that can be used to avoid the “less-than-24hr-notice” cancellation fee; The “free cancellation” can also be used for vacations that would exceed more than two planned misses per quarter.

-If more than one planned or unplanned cancellation occurs within a three month period, the sessions will have to be rescheduled within 5 business days of cancelled session  to avoid being charged the cancellation fee.

-When cancellations occur, the therapist will make every effort possible to accommodate a make up session within the 5 business day grace period.

-If a session is cancelled by a therapist or if it happens during a National Holiday closure, there will be no charge. 


I travel often and can’t commit to a consistent weekly or biweekly schedule, how can I avoid the cancellation fees for planned absences?

You can choose not to be on a consistent weekly or biweekly schedule and assume a “floater” status. A weekly slot will not be held for you and because of this, session availability is not guaranteed.  As a “floater” you assume responsibility for contacting the therapist for session scheduling. Scheduling for “floaters” will be confirmed within 48hrs of the appointment. Please note that priority will be given to new bookings and waitlisted clients that schedule up to 24 hours before a “floater” session. Less-than-24 hr-notice cancellation fee of $150 still applies. Please note that assuming “floater” status in the schedule is clinically inadvisable for some clients.