Embrace Change

Take the first step towards a better tomorrow today. Reach out to me and lets figure out what is the best way to get you there. I will believe in you and think your life is absolutely worth improving.

What type of therapist do you think you’ll benefit the most from? Integrative therapists can take a more passive role, reflecting and giving you the space to share and feel heard; to unload and unpack. Or, they can take a more active and directive approach which might include goal management and giving you evidence based tools and strategies from a variety of psychotherapy modalities to apply in your day to day life. A therapist can be an unbiased ally to help you navigate through turbulent times when your existing support systems have reached their limits.

Within an integrative approach, you can expect to take a deep dive into your past, project into the future and examine what you are doing now that is contributing to your status quo. Let’s find out together how you can improve your life.

I am determined to be completely real and honest with you. Feel free to ask me questions about myself or about the process of therapy. I would like for you to feel like you are talking to a human being and not just a clinician who sees you as a box or a percentage. My goal is that you experience a warm and empathic connection with me despite the goal oriented nature of my work.

Therapy work extends beyond the therapy room, and the limits of your progress lie within your choices, and in some cases, chemical imbalances that require medication management. Accountability is very important in the work that we will do as will the acceptance of the things we cannot change. If I can help you, and you are willing to put in the often uncomfortable work that therapy requires, I am confident you will find the therapy experience rewarding.